We are investment enthusiasts. The Blackbird platform provides us the opportunity to create a dialogue on the most important long-term secular trends that are happening right around us, and the most profitable investment opportunities that they present.

We’ll openly admit it – we are long-term optimists. We are optimistic about the technology-enabled, decade-long, secular trends that are currently underway across industries and countries. We believe that with the sheer number of brilliant minds dedicated to developing world-changing innovations, we will see higher quality living standards, better access across society and ultimately value creation accruing to those with the vision to invest in the long-term.

Through our own study and experiences, we’re convinced that markets structurally suffer from the short-comings of the human condition – they are persistently short-term focussed and display herd mentality. It is through these structural deficiencies and the ability to display our fortitude in taking a contrarian approach, we are able to capitalise on the opportunities that the market gives us.

We encourage you to hit subscribe to find out how we navigate the investment landscape and implement our investment philosophy, practically and transparently.

Please note that the information herein reflect our own views and is for general education purposes ONLY. Blackbird is not affiliated with any financial institution or other organisation, and any information provided herein is not investment advice. 

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